Ripple Effects of Hurricane Harvey

Dear Multi-Pak Customer,

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas and Louisiana as they endure the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Ripple effects will be felt throughout country as coastal based industries who provide goods and services to the nation manage their way back to becoming fully operational.

The Flexible Packaging industry is one that will undoubtedly be impacted by this storm as many polyethylene resin suppliers are based out of the affected area and are currently shut down.  Coming back online, and achieving full capacity may take several weeks. Once plants are up and running , transportation challenges may still loom over the region due to flooding.

It is too early to tell at this time, how these challenges will affect distribution channels, however, resin manufacturers have declared force majeure, which means  their pricing contracts are null and void until the crisis is over. So, temporary price increases are a possible side effect, as are increased lead times and delivery delays.

Orders currently in house with Multi-Pak are covered by raw material we already have and pricing and lead times are fine.

As your poly bag supplier, we will keep you informed of changes to the status quo. Overall, it is a very difficult situation and we won’t know the full impact for another week or two.

In the interim, we encourage customers to check inventory levels and to place orders on an as needed basis only. This will allow all us to prevent emergency situations that can’t be fulfilled.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with this evolving situation.


JT McWilliams (CEO of Multi-Pak)
Multi-Pak USA, Inc
800-229-9950 (office)
770-527-8737 (mobile)
(either address reaches me)

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