Multi-Pak USA: Who Are We?

You know about different kinds of polyethylene bags. You know about the variety of uses of vinyl bags. You know about printing bags. You even know that Multi-Pak USA, Inc. can provide you with all of these kinds of bags and more to meet your packaging needs. But do you really know what got us here to begin with? Do you really know the history and the story of how Multi-Pak USA came to be?

In 1990, after recently graduating college at Brigham Young University, JT McWilliams went to work for his brother, Bill Moreland in Gainesville, Georgia. Bill owned Century Poly Films, a film plant that was a manufacturer of poly bags, and JT was hired on as Bill’s sales manager.

During the first year of JT’s employment at Century Poly Films, he heavily pursued a national poultry company as a new client, making many business trips to their Arkansas-based headquarters. After many meetings and much negotiation, JT was poised to secure the new account for Century Poly when the senior buyer unexpectedly told them they had lost the account to someone else. The hoped-for client chose to go with another company that could supply all of their varied packaging and warehouse needs, not just solely poly bags.

This loss served as an eye-opening beginning for the brothers who realized that in addition to the existing manufacturing company that was Century Poly Films, they should create a distribution company that could supply a myriad of packaging, shipping, and warehouse products. In November 1992, the brothers created their new brainchild company – Multi-Pak Packaging and Supplies, Inc.

By 1993, Bill was ready to pursue other career opportunities, selling his assets of Century Poly Films, (and his stake in the distribution company), leaving JT sole owner of Multi-Pak Packaging and Supplies. JT later abbreviated the company name, making it simply Multi-Pak USA, Inc. “The abbreviated name better represented the company’s ability to serve broader geographic markets, and allowed for the company to transition into other product markets and to diversify,” said JT.

Bill had been previously financing the company, but with Bill now gone, JT was faced with the challenge of finding new means of finance. JT was young, just a few short years out of college. The infant company had no hard assets, which made securing a loan not an option.

JT got his first big break from a Mr. Guy Tittle, owner of TM Poly Films. TM Poly Films had been Multi-Pak’s main poly bag supplier thus far. JT met with Mr. Tittle and explained how he acquired Multi-Pak and needed Tittle’s company to continue extending credit to the company, despite the youthfulness of the company and its owner. Mr. Tittle extended a $50,000 credit limit with 60 day terms and admonished, “Pay on time and you can continue to use me as a credit reference.” This generous vote of confidence from Mr. Tittle, a former banker, coupled with aggressive sales growth and careful management of cash flow, was the break the company needed to grow.

As the company pushed onwards and upwards, initial customers were the former customers of Century Poly Films which were all users of one type of poly bags –  in-line extruded bags. This offered little in the way of diversity. In order to diversify, JT knew he would have to locate film converters who did not extrude the film, but who could make a wide array of bag styles by converting the film on various types of bag machines with specialized attachments. Gradually relationships with converters were formed and strengthened over the years allowing Multi-Pak to grow its product, offering many types, sizes and styles of poly bags. The company added on to their company name the tag-line, “Your Plastic Bag Specialist and More” to still make it very clear the the company’s primary focus was on the supply of polyethylene bags.

In time, and in fulfilment of the original idea that started it all, Multi-Pak developed relationships with suppliers of a wide scope of products. Today, in addition to the original poly bag, the company now offers over 5,000 packaging, shipping and warehouse products.

JT has been in the bag business for over 25 years and knows his product. He cares about his customers and understands their different packaging needs. Multi-Pak USA was a family business at the heart, and continues to be so today, making it a trustworthy company that you can depend on.

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