Does This Gusset Make My Bag Look Big?

There are a lot of different terms to know when it comes to navigating your way around the bag world. This article will help you understand one of those common words in the plastic bag vocabulary: gusset.

A gusset is an expandable side or bottom in your poly bag that allows for more fillable space in a bag. If you have a large product that needs a little bit more space when it comes to packaging, a gusseted poly bag might be the right choice for you. The seal is the key. Gussets are permanently formed into the bottom and/or sides of the poly bag, eliminating any “dog ear” creases or folds. The added material literally increases the volume of the bag, allowing you more space.

Your bag can have either a side gusset, or a bottom gusset. A side gusset is just that – folds along the side of the bag that allow the bottom to open up into a square or rectangular shape, making it nice for storage. Similarly, bottom gusset folds allow the opening to expand into a square shape.

Gusseted bags are form fitting making it a great option for liners or retail point-of-purchase bags. They are a sleek, efficient, and aesthetic way to package your products. 
Check out our website,, to see the different styles and pictures of gusset bags we offer to see what would fit best for you!

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