7 Tips to Make Your Promotional Bag Pop

Did you know that when a consumer is perusing the aisles of a store, they will only spend 4 seconds on average looking at a particular product? That means you, as a producer, have only 4 seconds to either make them take a closer look, or to continue casually strolling by, moving on to the next latest and greatest.

Whether you sell your product in a store, online, or traveling door-to-door, you want to create a custom packaging design that will impress your clients. Here are 7 tips to help you create a custom promotional bag design that will draw in your customers for a closer second look.

  • K.I.S.S. – You may remember this acronym from your elementary education days. Keep it simple, stupid! When creating a custom design for your promotional bag, or other type of packaging, you don’t want to overwhelm the client. Remember, stick to the 4 second rule. What can you get across in 4 seconds, without making your design too cluttered or overbearing? Only use words that you have to. Pack a big punch by saying a lot about your product in a simple way.
  • Clarity is Key – Peter Vukovic with 99designsrecommends that producers ask themselves two simple questions when designing their packaging: What’s this product for? and What’s the brand behind it? You don’t want your clients and consumers to have any confusion about what your product is or what brand is behind that product.
  • Consider How Will This Product Be Sold? – John Brook with Millo says it best, “Selling products over the internet is a slightly different animal than having products in a brick and mortar store. Consumers are unable to touch and feel the product before buying, so the packaging must appeal to other senses. Still, a product that sits on a shelf has to stand out from the competing products enough for consumers to buy it.”
  • Impact – Keeping point #3 in mind will help you determine how much impact your packaging has, especially if it is sitting on a shelf next to rows of other products. Create your packaging design with uniqueness in mind. What is a shape, design, or theme that you don’t see a lot of in other people’s packaging? What’s something you do see often? How could you take your design in a different direction?
  • Pick Your Plastic – Next, determine what kind of material you are going to use for your bag, and other types of packaging. “Plastic bag” is such a broad term, but there are different types of materials used for your many promotional bag needs. A polyethylene bag could be great for a food related product, while a vinyl bag might be more suitable for skin and hair products. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of your packaging?” Is it to protect your product? Is it more for show? The answers to these questions might help you determine what kind of material is most practical for your packaging needs.
  • Seeing Red – Or blue, or purple, or orange, or whatever color you might choose to represent your product. The point is – choose a color! Let your product pop by letting a color speak for it. Maybe you choose to go the monochromatic route and stick with only neutrals such as black and white. If that is the case, then do it with a purpose in mind. What color would best represent what your product has to offer? Let your packaging demonstrate that.
  • Allow for Growth – An important aspect of any business is allowing for growth. If you have one product line that is packaged in a certain way, but then add another product line, you want to make sure your packaging design features a seamless transition when it comes to introducing your new product. You want consumers to be able to recognize and associate both product lines with your business. As Vukovic writes, you want to have a “family of products.” When thinking of your packaging designs, keep this growth and flexibility in mind.

By following these tips, and keeping these pointers in mind, you will be able to create a custom promotional bag, and wide varieties of packaging, that will best showcase your product, impress your clients, and draw the attention of customers passing by.

At Multi-Pak USA, Inc., we offer a wide variety of customizable packaging options from poly bags, to vinyl bags, and more. We allow you to dictate the exact specs and details needed to best package your product, as well as print your own designs and artwork, to “wow” those clients! Check out all of our options here: https://www.multipakusa.com/, and call us today for a customized quote.








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